Top Foldable Foosball Table Choices On The Market

Foosball is a one of a kind indoor games with a lot of similarities to soccer. One of the best game tables are Foldable Foosball Tables, playing it brings out the fun, excitement, and sportsmanship to everyone who plays it. In 2018 indoor games are becoming more popular by the day and foosball tables have become everyones go to game.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the top and impressive Foldable Foosball Tables in 2018. It will guide you when you are in the market for a product tailored to your personal preference and taste.

Before you buy a Foldable Foosball Tables 

When purchasing this kind of product, there are key fundamental factors that must be taken into account. Knowing exactly what you want will be crucial when it comes to decision making


Folding tables can be pretty pricey (specifically those of high quality), having a budget when purchasing one is crucial. On average they cost between 700-800$, price and quality is relative ensure you get the best price possible for the highest quality.


While buying, a table space must be taken into account, it takes about 8 square feet where it will be kept. A height of the people you are buying it for is another significant factor to consider to ensure that individuals are comfortable when playing. Tables that are adjustable is highly advantageous. 


The technical details of the board and the materials used in design and construction is crucial, some of the finest foldable tables currently in the market are made up of laminated wood, sturdy resin and impact-resisting glass.


We all want equipment’s that we can use for a really long time and these tables are no exception. For any new buyer having the knowledge of the materials used in designing and construction of the product guarantees one to purchase a unit of the highest quality materials. This ensures that the table will last longer. VALUE FOR MONEY.

The 4 Best Folding Foosball Tables Right Now

Sports squad fx40 

The sports squad fx40 is ideal for a highly charged and fast action play due to its compact tabletop. Its steel rods are chrome plated fitted with ergonomic rubber handles ensuring there is stronger grip when playing and faster shots. 

The playing surface is constructed with mdf for maximum durability with l shaped legs that have nonmarking rubber pads averting scratches on playing surface and can withstand long hours of play. The product also has a 3-man goalie that thwarts hard-hitting corner shots and it also has a slidable scoring unit to keep track of the winner.

The squad fx40 size is 23.2 x 35 x 3.8 inches weighing 15.4 lbs. Considering the price tag, it's one of the best foldable foosball tables to buy and will be a shrewd investment.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable for easier storage
  • It's affordable
  • Comes with a scoring unit
  • Compact and solid design


  • Not suitable for heavy play
  • It has 3 playing rods instead of 4

Garlando open air indoor and outdoor 

If you in the market for a simple and pocket-friendly folding foosball table then Garlando - Open Air is a great choice, its constructed with the latest Garlando technology produced with high-quality materials with plastics reinforced with fiberglass making it waterproof and providing the ultimate stability. The model has folding legs with two handles.

It is also fitted with 2/3-inch diameter hi-stress resistance bars coated with 3 layers of anti-rust chromium plating that comes with 2-year warranty. The table also has steel roller bearings for increased game speeds and comfort on player’s wrist. 

Garlando open air is a no brainer its perfect for outdoor activities providing an enjoyable experience while playing with friends and family. It’s one of the top folding foosball tables currently on the market


  • Easy storage
  • Waterproof
  • Compact and solid outdoor construction
  • Rust-resistant telescoping rods
  • Lightweight


  • It’s expensive for its size
  • Legs are not adjustable

Portable Model by Restoration Hardware

This Restoration Hardware product is one of really great choice. The players are wooden featuring three wooden balls; it's also fitted with long lasting metal hinges. The most impressive aspect of this model is its folding construction and design making it suitable to be played virtually everywhere. The game table has a size of 18 x 16 x 8 inches and weighs about 11 lbs

Its portability makes it easier to be used at every occasion making it fun and enjoyable wherever you may go.


  • Compact and foldable design
  • Portable
  • Easier storage
  • Durable 
  • Light-weight


  • It's flat surface cause balls to get stuck
  • There are no goals for the ball to drop into

Playcraft Sports with Folding Leg 

This model is the best quality in the market taking into consideration its price. It has strong chromium steel rods and slide bearings on its legs providing smooth rotation. Its constructed primarily with wood and plastic assembly pieces re-enforcing its strength, Playcraft has leg spanners on each side with soccer graphic leg panel design.

This product has a solid color design black, with chrome plated leg levelers, the gameplay of the Playcraft is something to marvel at with sets of 3 foosball balls and a scoreboard. The unit has to be assembled upon delivery. It’s a good purchase for sure taking into account most of us buy foosball tables for the playing aspect.



  • It's relatively cheap
  • Limited store space
  • Stable
  • Solid design
  • Attractive look
  • Ideal for kids


  • It’s not durable
  • Not ideal for intense gaming
  • Time-consuming in assembling


Buying the great folding foosball tables has been made easier this post has a lot of insightful and important information, which will enable you to be able to decide which is the best choice to purchase for you and your family. Happy buying!

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