Top Outdoor Foosball Tables Reviewed

Foosball is an interesting and exciting game that is often being played in many different public and private places and is a fun hobby for many people. It is one of the most incredible hobbies which turned into an exciting social game that makes great fun and creates a special atmosphere.

It is recommended in large groups with mixed company (women and men) because it promises great fun. But children are not excluded, in fact they love this game. And today, you will read all you need to know about the best outdoor foosball table.

What to Look for When Buying a Foosball Table

If you decided to buy yourself a foosball table, there are a few things that need to be considered before you do that. It is very important to make sure that you know enough about this game as well as about the different characteristics that these tables offer. You will note that the more features an outdoor foosball table offers, the bigger price it will have.

But it all depends on your own taste and preferences when it comes to choosing the right foosball table. Make sure you read this article carefully and make the right decision. 


First and most important of all is the size that you need to determine for the foosball table. Carefully examine the place where you are about to put it and measure it. The most recommended size for a foosball table is 7ft by 8ft. Most of the foosball tables are standard and their size is around 55 inches x 30 inches. Make sure that the room should also be big enough so that you feel comfortable while playing. 


Another thing that you must be careful is the configuration of the foosball table. Note that most of the tables come with three-man goalies. Few people prefer a single – man goalie table which is not really that exciting. But everything is just a matter of taste and preferences. What you must know is that one – man goalie will help you build your skills and get better at this game (which makes it more intense) and the three-man goalie will make that game more fast, interesting and exciting.

Also, note that most of the foosball tables can be configured from three-man goalie to a single – man goalie.


  • Levelers – The levelers are very important if you are interested in playing a fair game. If your foosball table does not have proper levelers, one side will always win the game which is not challenging and exciting at all. Make sure you ask for these features when buying a foosball table. They must be well adjusted if you are playing with friends so that you can have a fair game.

  • Playing Rods - The rods must be quality when it comes to choosing materials or making sure that you buy a quality foosball table that will last for a longer period of time. The best option in this case is that the rods are made of steel which are extremely durable. If you choose to buy a foosball table with rods made of steel, be sure that you won't consider replacing them because they will last a lifetime. It is true that there are types of materials that playing rods are made of, but they are not recommended because they will make the game harder.  

Top 3 Outdoor Foosball Tables To Buy Right Now

Hathaway Primo Foosball Table

This is the most popular and most used foosball table from Hathaway. It is a very classic product created for exciting games with your friends. It features quality steel rods and has 3 goalies set up. When it comes to the size, it is the same as the all standard foosball tables around 56 “ x 29 “ x 34 “. The table comes with provided directions and instruction that will help you set it up properly. It is easy to understand and use.


  • Comes with manual
  • Quality materials
  • Acceptable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built to last


  • A bit heavy 
  • Available in 1 color
  • Not recommended for small rooms

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The Warrior Foosball table comes in one color - black so that it can fit in with the interior of your home or office. A product for the whole family made from solid wood. Note that you cannot assemble the product without the help of another person. It does come with clear instructions but you will need someone who can help you.

If you are looking for something quality that will last for a longer period of time, then this is the right product for you. Some of you might find it a bit heavy, but that won't be such a big problem if you put it in a proper place. 


  • Tested speed
  • Available in black color
  • Good quality
  • Three – man goalies 


  • A bit heavy
  • A bit expensive
  • Not recommended for beginners

Kettler Carrara Foosball Table

Compared to the other foosball tables that were mentioned above this foosball table is a lot more expensive. It does have some interesting features that will make your game more interesting and exciting. It offers sharper corners and the bottom part is covered with a stainless – steel which manes that you won’t have a need to replace it after a certain period of time.

Easy to set up and even easier to learn how to use it. If you have any doubts or you are not sure about a certain thing, make sure read the manual and then call the place where you bought it from. 


  • Comes with features
  • Trains your brain
  • Helps you concentrate
  • Has multiple features


  • A bit expensive 
  • May come without items to set it up
  • Should regularly be lubricated

How To Set Up An Outdoor Foosball Table

Once you buy a foosball table, it is time to set it up. The first thing that needs to be done is to find the manufacturer's manual and read it carefully. Every foosball table must come with instructions on how to set it up. It is a fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of different foosball tables and even though you are handy and have set up one before, you must have a manual to set up a foosball table that you haven’t used before. 

The first step when it comes to setting up a table is the legs. Put your foosball table upside down and start setting the four legs in the four corners. The box usually includes all the items you will need to make that possible.

Foosball tables come with 8 rods that go four on every side. Follow the manual and make sure to distinguish the rods and set them in the right place. Note that three-man rods have smaller size compared to the others. 


The final choice for the best outdoor foosball table will mostly be determined by your own preferences, the preference of the other family members and the price. There are expensive foosball tables and there are ones that are cheaper but still has a good quality.

Choose one that suits your needs and meets your expectations. Do not be in a rush but think about it very carefully.

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