Our 4 Best Rated Coin Operated Foosball Tables

Choosing a good quality commercial foosball table will make you enjoy the game of foosball. So, whether you intend buying one for entertainment purpose, or preparation for an upcoming competition, you need a good quality table that would make playing enjoyable.

However, the primary challenge is not the lack of quality brands. Knowing the right one to choose is the challenge most buyers face. Here, you will get to know the best coin-operated foosball brands options to make the right decision. Even if you are a first-time buyer, you will find this article helpful.

before buying Your product

Foosball game is fun for players and spectators. You will be tempted to learn by watching people battling it out. In fact, the game arena adds to this fun. In a bar, hotel, restaurant, or public place, you will love the atmosphere. But, before you buy one for commercial purpose, there are things you have to consider.

Here are the simple guidelines to follow when shopping:

Consider your budget

First and foremost, consider your budget before even making any attempt to buy a foosball. And be sure whatever you are splashing the cash on, is the best. A simple trick to get the best price or lower price is to compare two or more products. Compare their prices, and find out why they cost differently. 

Chose a durable brand

What is a long-lasting brand in this case? It's a brand that can take a beating. Since the foosball is intended for public use, investing in a durable product would be a wise decision. There are principal points or things to consider when measuring durability regarding tables.

Consider a product built with solid wood material or solid fiberboard. These tend to have a longer lifespan than the ones constructed with plastic material. Legs should have something like a cross-bracing. You would need them as time progresses.

Consider the stability and weight

When buying a commercial grade foosball table, weight is one factor you should never overlook. Do you need a stable table? So, get one that is a bit heavier. Note that the more the weight, the better the stability, which is vital for players to enjoy their games. Aim for a table that weights at least 125 lbs and above. 

Another thing you need to consider to avoid disputing matches is the stability. Since you are going to use it in a public place, ensure the table including the area you are placing the board is stable. Confirm that the legs are of the same before buying. You may also consider a foosball with legs that come with adjustable stabilizers and boots.

Take players’ safety into consideration

The safety of players should be a top priority, even though you are buying the foosball for commercial or personal use. Players can hurt themselves, to prevent this from happening. It could be from the rod or while they are in motion. To avoid casualties, go for a coin-operated foosball table that comes with safety guards mounted on the different rods. It will prevent people from getting hurt whenever they mistakenly get close to the rods. Also, ball recovery should be easy.  

The 4 Best Commercial Foosball Tables For 2019

Tornado T-3000 Coin Table Single Goalie

The Tornado coin operated foosball table is a feature-rich model of the Tornado series – an upgrade in line with the yearnings of avid foosball players. Tornado is a household name and a company with an unbeatable reputation in this business that has lasted for many years. Started operation in the 1970s and has remained consistent all these years. 

The features of this platinum edition are incredible. Legs have adjustable levelers so that players can adjust the height to any comfort level. This ease of adjustment makes it suitable for players of any age group and stature. The table has three goalies and improved counter weighted men. The enhanced patented tornado men put up better performance and speed of play is incredible.

The superior ball control and passes will make you want to play this game non-stop. This feature is as a result of the men's increased cross sections and sharp corners.

This commercial grade table is rugged and durable. It features a ¾ inch playfield and stainless-steel laminate finish that tend to last long. One thing you will like about this foosball is the coin-operated mechanism it has, coupled with the fact that the protectors of the tornado foosball table coin-operated model are sturdy.


•    Adjustable leg levelers

•    Premium quality construction

•    Great speed and ball control

•    High-quality grip


•    High price point

•    Great stability but too heavy

Great America Action – Coin Operated

If you want a fast and durable foosball table for your game room or public use, then make this hand-crafted Great American Action a top priority. It is coin operated and comes with loads of enhancements that make foosball engaging. The medium size ergonomic handgrips are comfortable and great for extended use. Its chrome steel rods are solid and well protected to prevent causing harm. 

The Great America Action is a sturdy and reliable foosball table that no doubt offers exceptional value for the money. If you are planning to use for commercial purpose, this table will serve you well. It comes in various captivating custom colors and superior finish that makes the board more presentable. Features an easy to remove drawer for easy access unlike what is obtainable in most brands at this price point. 

Legs are ABS injected, with each having their levelers for adjustment. The levelers allow players of various age groups to enjoy the sport by adjusting the table to comfortable height anytime. With counterweighted figures and anti-cheat jam proof ball return, foosball playing will always be exciting.


•    Reliable

•    Ergonomic handle

•    Adjustable legs

•    Counterbalanced men


•    Pricey

•    Rods are a bit solid

Tornado Platinum Edition 

The Platinum Edition is another top-quality product from Tornado. It features the unique Tornado split bearing design which makes removing the parts, as well as maintenance a breeze. This design also improves the performance and durability of the table. 

Playfield is ¾ inches, and table features a superior stainless-steel laminate finish, which contributes to its unbeatable durable and high performance. This feature-rich Tornado has high-density rubber bumpers.

And with its thin-wall split competition bearings design, you will surely enjoy better control and shot blocking when playing.

Another feature that makes this coin-operated foosball table great for business is that you can factory-set it to any amount you want. You can also program it for free play to reward your regular customers.

Talking about performance, each of the men’s foot comes remodeled for better ball control and higher cross-hatching. In fact, it is only on this Tornado model you will find the super high grip handle system you can interchange with ease. Three and one-man goalies are available for this commercial-grade table. 


•    Three and one-man goalie

•    Ease of maintenance

•    Great stability

•    Comfortable handle


•    Very heavy

•    Not easy to assemble

•    Most individuals cannot afford it.

Shelti Pro III Commercial model

The Shelti Pro III is another excellent quality commercial grade foosball. This heavy-duty table will serve you for years. It features solid core legs and premium quality materials you only get to see in higher priced commercial foosball. The legs have levelers for easy adjustment which makes it suitable for all to play. You can have this table mounted in your home, bar, restaurant to let customers have fun while you smile to the bank. 

The durability and construction are not the only significant highlights of this product. You also can request for special custom laminate and chrome finish if you so desire. The stainless steel treated rods’ operation is smooth when you play. The angled foot of the counterbalanced men is precisely sized for improved accuracy, and to make the game more interesting to play. The men are constructed with premium quality material to withstand abuses from public use, and also to last longer. 

Looking at the construction and material, the Shelti Pro III is an excellent table that is worth every penny. It has excellent stability and comes with tons of features like the centerless ground urethane balls and unique compression bumpers that make the game enjoyable. 


•    Coin operated

•    Solid core legs

•    Smooth rod action

•    High strength construction men


•    Not the finest of the foosball table

•    Maintenance is a bit tasking


Buy the best commercial table that will stand the test of time. Get the top quality brands from the market once and for all to enjoy the beautiful game. There are tons of foosball brands available, making it difficult for buyers to make the right choice. But choosing the great quality product for your business means guaranteed customer satisfaction and more profit.

The table will also last longer so you won't be thinking of making any expenses in a short time. So, just pick any of these and you are all set.

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We reviewed top quality and most durable foosball tables not only for professionals. You will definitely find something for yourself!

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