Rules For Foosball

We are sure that most people would agree that the only thing that can make a foosball match even more entertaining is following all the foosball rules. They are easy to follow because most of them are really simple. When it comes to tournaments, there might be some additional rules, but usually, they just follow the basic ones. This article will cover several official foosball rules.

Foosball Tournament Rules

Number of Players

To begin with, you need to choose the number of players that will participate. You will either play One vs One or Two vs Two. In a Two vs Two game, one player uses the offensive rods while the other one plays with the defensive ones. They are allowed to switch their roles only before the match starts. While playing, switching the roles is considered illegal.

Coin Toss

Both players or teams want to kick off the ball first. This is why in most foosball tournament rules this is solved by a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss, throws the first ball. After that, all the following balls are served by the person who scored the last goal.

No Spinning

This is the most common rule and everyone knows it. In all foosball table rules, spinning the rod in 360 degrees without it touching the ball is considered illegal in a game of foosball.


To win a game, you need to score more than the opponent. In most tournaments, each game has 5 goals. This means that by scoring 3 out of the 5 goals, you or your team will be the winner of the match. If the ball passes the goal line, its considered a goal, even if the ball goes back on the field and not in the hole.

Dead Balls

If the ball stops between two opposing rods and both sides can’t reach it, the ball has to be picked up and served again. This serve goes to the team that conceded the last goal. Also, they have to serve the ball on the defensive side of their table.

Out of Play

In case the ball goes out of the table area or it hits the top rail and comes back, the play is stopped and the ball needs to be served again. The team that scored last gets the ball.

No Jarring

This basically means that shaking the table with your body or hitting the rods hard with your hands in order to get some kind of advantage is not allowed. Foosball rules clearly state that this is illegal.


Above, you could see the most common foosball table rules. All tournaments will have them and some may have some extra ones. Most of these rules are also practiced in a human foosball rules game, where instead of rods with players, humans take the role of players.

All in all, these are the most important foosball rules and they should be the basis for every foosball match. However, if you are playing at home and not in a tournament, you could make up your own rules. Some extra rules might even make the game more fun to play. Just remember not to practice them when you play in some tournament.

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