Foosball Table Assembly

Congratulations on your purchased foosball table. It is now time to set it up and start using it. If for some reason the instructions for foosball table setup were not clear enough, follow this article and you will understand perfectly.

Harvard foosball tables can be set up in under 1 hour if you follow the foosball table setup instructions properly. It is true that putting together a product is the most boring part that one can do, but if you want to use it, it is a process that you must complete. Nobody wants to waste their time on such thing, but the assembly of a Harvard foosball table can actually be fun, especially if you are doing that with a friend and then just grab a cold beer and play one game after you are done.

The satisfaction will be priceless. 

Compared to foosball tables from other brands, the Harvard tables will not take you hours and hours of work to set it up. They require just a few simple tools and less than one hour and it is ready to be used. The greatest thing about it is that you can include the whole family in the assembly process too since it is completely safe.

Before you begin

Make sure to take out all the parts from the box and separate them so that you can locate them easily. You can just put them on the floor of the place where you will set up the table. Make sure to organize the ones that come in a pair which means that they should be put in the same place. But do not forget to have enough room to setup the table comfortably.

Start with the legs

The legs are the first thing that you need to take care of. Make sure you start with their installation on the table itself. But before you do that, the table must be placed upside down so that it can be easier for you to complete the process. Take the first leg and put it on the corner of the table. To secure it, use the bolts that were included in the box and make sure that they fit perfectly. Continue doing the same with the other three legs making sure that they are tightly attached to the table.

Once you are done, you can turn it upright with the help of someone else. It is recommended to do it with a friend because most Harvard foosball tables are quite heavy.


When you set the table in the right position, the next thing you will need to do is to put the men to the rods. To make that possible, what you need to do is pass the rod through one side of the table.

The next part to be assembled is the bumper that also needs to be passed through for every men that the product includes. It is recommended to use some kind of towel and put it on the table in order to prevent it from getting dirty while assembling the parts. Another important thing that needs to be done is to secure the men on the rods making sure they are safely attached.

To make that possible you will need a tool like a screwdriver. Then, you've come to the last part that needs to be assembled which are the grips for the handles and other attachment if the product features some (cup holder, scoring unit). Again, they can be attached with screws and a screwdriver, simply and easily. If you are not sure how to use a screwdriver, make sure to ask for help from a friend or a family member. What you need to remember about screwdrivers is – righty tight, lefty looses.  

Use silicone

Silicone is definitely not included in the box that will come with the foosball table itself, but it is something that you will find very useful if you want your ‘toy' to last for a longer period of time. Why do you need it? Well, if you do not lubricate the rods regularly they will wear off and this might cause permanent damage.

Another benefit that you will get from the silicone is that it will clean all these parts that are being lubricated. It is like a natural cleaner. It is not recommended to use other products for lubrication as this is the best one for that purpose.

Additional accessories 

If you prefer using some additional accessories to decorate the place or add some more lighting to make the atmosphere perfect for the game, make sure to put one above the foosball table to light the place properly. Proper light is required for this type of game. If you are not sure where to install it, contact a professional or ask for an opinion from a friend or a family member who can help you with it.


Setting up a foosball table is a very easy task and it should not be time-consuming at all (if you are doing it properly, of course). All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully and it should come with the product and the parts included. Most of the manuals contain photos and drawings to make it easier for you.

If that is not helpful and you are still not sure about your capabilities and whether or not you will be able to complete it by yourself, ask for help. There is nothing weird or embarrassing if you ask for a little help with this task. There are many people who are not really handy when it comes to setting up products.

The bad thing is that almost every foosball table that you will buy comes in parts and it is required from you to set it up. The only thing that will save you from this is if you buy it directly from a store, assembled and ready to use. Make sure to do whatever works best for you and will not make you lose a lot of time and nerves. After all, you are doing this to have fun and spend your free time relaxing. 

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