The Greatest Harvard Foosball Table Model Ever Produced

Harvard is one of the most popular foosball table brands available on the market and one of the most preferred ones among players. They offer a large number of foosball tables of different kinds that can fit every player’s needs. You can find them in multiple colors, designs and even size.

Also, you can find a Harvard foosball table with a cheap price and some with a quite high price, which mostly depends on the materials that were used and the features that the table has.  

What makes the Harvard Foosball Tables so special and unique? Why are they so popular?

After reading this article you will find out a lot of details about this renowned brand and be able to determine whether or not they are worth buying. It is true that there are lots of foosball table brands out there, but Harvard definitely has something for everyone. 

There are hundreds and hundreds of foosball table brands but still, many people decide to choose one designed and manufactured by Harvard. It is not easy to stand out from the crowd these days since the competition is huge.

But if people want to buy your product, it means that there is something about it that suits their needs. There are features that these tables offer to make the game an unforgettable experience. 


One of the greatest features of the Harvard foosball tables is that they are made from high – quality materials which makes them extremely durable. They were made to last for years. An investment that will last a lifetime and will remind you always of the great time you were spending on it. 

If you are new at this, choose a Harvard foosball table if you want to get the best for your money. Note that these foosball tables are mainly made for fun playing although serious players can use them too but they are not recommended for competitions. 

They can be used for a lot of practice but definitely not for serious matches. Why is that so? Mainly because of the materials. Some tables are made of quite cheaper materials while others use hardwood and other high quality materials that cost much more than the others.

Most of the foosball tables made from Harvard are not made from metal or hardwood that are supposed to make them very heavy. Just like it was mentioned above, they are extremely durable but only for beginners who want to have fun. 

Harvard G01341W 

This is one of their finest, quality and well–built foosball tables that Harvard produced. Its look is sophisticated and elegant that will fit into all kinds of spaces. You can keep it in your living room, in the garage, the basement, your man cave or in the balcony. Or you can change its place whenever you need to because it is lightweight and it can be moved easily from one place to another. 

But do not worry, this does not have to mean that the table is not sturdy enough. On the contrary, it is very well – built thanks to the construction. This incredibly unique design can fit almost anywhere.

The foosball table has a natural black look and it is durable to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the game. The table features a PVC laminated top which is a great thing because it allows the ball to roll easily without any problems. 

The rods are made of steel which is a material that is recommended for this part of the foosball table because they need to be strong enough in order for the players not to make mistakes and rotate them much easier. 

One interesting feature that users of this table love is the robot design of the players which makes it unique and different from the other foosball tables. Yes, that is right. The robot players are very fun and uncommon for this type of product. 

When it comes to the assembling part, note that the product comes with a manual and instructions on how to set it up. You should not have any problem to do so if you just follow the instructions carefully. But if you are not very sure about this, ask for a help from a friend who can help you set it up. You know, two heads are always better than one. 

It also comes with two balls and there are no spaces that will make the ball stuck. There are no scoring rules, you just set them by yourself and have fun playing. 

The Harvard G01341W is one of the top foosball tables produced by Harvard and safe to use for all ages including children. Now, the whole family can have fun and play a very adventurous game together.

If you are planning to buy something fun for the whole family, your partner or something to keep your friends entertained this might be the right choice for that. It is affordable, easy to set it up, durable and has an interesting and unique design. But the most important thing – there are no specific rules when it comes to playing, you are the one who sets the rules however you want to. 


  • Made from quality materials
  • Unique design
  • Two balls included
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to be transported 


  • No leg levelers
  • Lightweight
  • A bit expensive
  • Not heavy enough


The most important thing is to always look for a product that fits your needs. Explore the market and note down the features you want a product to have. Then, follow that list and find what you’ve been looking for. 

The Harvard foosball tables are not that expensive compared to others, but the price still might be a problem for those of you who do not want to invest a lot of money into something that is supposed to be used only for fun.

The replacement parts are also available at an acceptable price, so if there is something that you want to replace, there will be no problem to do so. Note that sometimes it is important to invest in quality in order to prevent from paying double at the end. 

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